Learn with Thyme-N-Honey

Our in Person cooking classes are hosted at one of our convenient locations stated on the course outline when you register. You can find out what location of the class when you click the class for more information.

Thyme-N-Honey lessons will guide first through proper food and kitchen safety. Then you will learn the importance of a sharp knife, and choosing the right knife to buy for your own kitchen. Then we will talk about the right use of tools for the right job, to help make kitchen life easier. Other topics that Thyme-N-Honey will cover in any of their lessons will be the type of foods to pair together with what flavors. How to determine the quality of food. What would be the best type of meat for the type of dish you want to prepare? And much, much more.

Have you ever wondered what salt really does to food? Would you like to learn how to make a vinaigrette without seeing it separating? How do Chef’s keep from cutting their fingers when cutting vegetables? How can you make flavorful meals in less than 30 min? What are regional favorites from around the world? Thyme-N-Honey cooking classes will walk you through these questions and many more, so you can feel good inside your own kitchen making great meals for family and friends. We want you to be the Chef of the neighborhood

Kitchen photos courtesy Artisan Culinary Lofts. Visit their website to learn more about this amazing venue!

Thyme-N-Honey Private Cooking Classes

Now you can enjoy our cooking lessons in the privacy of your own class. A great date night, or a time to enjoy with a few of your friends. Our classes are fun and informative. But more importantly, the food will be delicious!! You get the lesson, the laughs, and all the food you created yourselves.

These can be offered in the privacy of your home, or at our kitchen facility where we offer our cooking classes.

We will create a menu with you, or you can select from one of the options we would forward to you.

Rates are as follows:
2ppl $600.00
4ppl. $500.00
6ppl. or more range from $85-$105.00 per person

(*8.75% sales tax will be added to the total bill.)

Call us at (716) 553-7050 to sign up for your own private cooking class.

Corporate Health Initiatives

Thyme-N-Honey has partnered with corporations that are looking to offer their associates a learning experience to health options. We offer virtual cooking lessons that can be used as a corporate incentive to a healthier lifestyle.

Thyme-N-Honey can provide 1 hour virtual cooking classes that would be offered during lunch periods, where associates could watch and learn while on their lunch break.

If you would like to learn more about our lessons on healthier life foods, please give us a call.

In-service classes and virtual classes are available. Just call for more information at (716) 553-7050

Upcoming Virtual Classes

Every Thursday at 7PM on our Thyme-N-Honey FB page we provide free cooking demos that are fun and insightful!

Like us on Facebook and follow along at home!


ThymeTogether is a virtual cooking class to be held on various Saturdays at 9am on our Thyme-N-Honey Facebook page, where you can cook along with us with your child(ren) as we cook children friendly meals! Dates will be posted here with recipes attached, check back soon!

For Your Safety

Thyme-N-Honey takes your safety in the kitchen seriously. We will always follow the most current CDC, state or local rules for indoor facilities regarding mask mandates. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • Individual “Small bites” provided at each seat when participants first arrive.
  • Disposable gloves available upon request.
  • Thyme-N-Honey only asks that you bring your smile and your appetite!